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The soul of Indian Soil Carefully Crafted into our Boutique wines
The Terroir of our Vineyards
A great vineyard is supposed to have "a magical combination of natural factors, such as topsoil, subsoil, climate (Sun, Rain, wind and so on), the slope of the hill and altitude". The French call it "Terroir". Phadtare Estate Vineyard has the best site in the entire Nashik valley. It is extremely picturesque and is blessed with the best combinations of natural elements for producing high quality fruit. The soil is reddish brown in color of hill slopes, which geologists classify it to be red laterite soil. It has a good drainage with a neutral PH . most ideally suited for wine grape cultivation. It receives assured rainfall and has temperate climate. We never have to worry about adequate sunshine. With Mother Nature on our side we only need to improve our cultivation practices to keep on producing quality grapes every season. Every year then would turn out to be a vintage year!

Wine Grape Varieties

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