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The soul of Indian Soil Carefully Crafted into our Boutique wines
Early Beginnings of Mountain View
In 1996, with the help of wine consultant from California we imported ten different wine grape varieties of vitis vinifera family from a certified nursery in California, U.S.A. After carefully evaluating their performance, we selected five varieties for commercial plantation on twenty five acres of Phadatre Estate Vineyards in Nasik Valley.

Wine Grape Varieties
This was the first successful attempt ever in the entire Nashik Valley. Since then these varieties have spread to other grape growing areas of Maharashtra and other neighboring states. We proudly take the credit of introducing these wine grape varieties in Nashik Valley which has now become the wine capital of India.

The next logical step was to put up a winery and start producing wines from our own estate grown grapes. However, the project got delayed for several years because of the reluctance of bankers to finance it. They never thought the winery project would succeed in a country like India as wine drinking had never been a part of Indian culture. Besides, most of them thought that the chief promoter of the project was too old to undertake a project like this. As a result, even though we were the pioneers, others moved ahead of us while had to remain content for few more years in just supplying grapes to other wineries. We lost the most valuable years of our lives.

After several years of persistence, however, we finally succeeded in obtaining finance from a very dynamic, forward looking private bank for setting up our winery project. At this juncture, the financial participation of our two NRI daughters in our winery project also helped us in putting up this project on a sound footing. At our request, they joined the board of directors.

Two years later, we were also fortunate in receiving a small amount of interest free venture capital from Small Farmers. Agri-Business Consortium. This enabled us not only to upgrade our winery but also, helped us in setting up our marketing network.

Development Approach - Working with the Local Farmers
We, at Mountain View, have always believed in sharing our knowledge and experience with other grape growers. We are committed to the cause of upliftment of the poor farmers from villages. From time to time, several seminars and group discussions have been arranged for the benefit of the farmers. This has resulted into several thousand acres of new plantations of wine grape varieties not only in Maharashtra but also in the neighboring states. We receive enormous satisfaction in knowing that we have been instrumental in initiating a movement for the development of a new wine industry, an agro based food processing industry, which has the potential of revolutionizing the entire rural agricultural economy of western Maharashtra and Marathwada. This very feeling has been the source of iinspiration for us to work even harder for the overall development of this industry.

To be able to survive and persist in our endeavor to experiment and then successfully set up not only vineyards but also a boutique winery for producing premium quality wines of international standard from our estate grown grapes, we needed to put in more than just hard work. It required careful planning and research, at times risk taking without being reckless, daring to be different and unlike most other industries, to be driven by passion rather than sheer profit motive. Now, as we are getting out of the woods and finally getting on the path of success, it could breed arrogance in us; instead it has created price, balanced with humility and confidence, countered with reality.

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